Day No Rebirth Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


This is a challenge like doing two rebirths in a row, resetting your multipliers to their starting values.

You have 24 hours to defeat as many gods as possible without rebirthing. Rebirthing will cancel this challenge.

Unlock Condition

Complete 1 NRC.


Unlike some other Day challenges, the use of Lucky Draws as well as ad points are permitted.


Challenge Points: 3 * highest god defeated (Baal = 3 * 28, highest value only, maxed at 333)
Statistics Multi: 100k * highest god defeated in this challenge.

Reduces the time needed for pet campaigns by 1 second per hour per highest god in this challenge. E.g. with P.Baal V20 it would make each hour 48 seconds faster and a 12+ hour campaign ~10 minutes faster. This reward will also apply to pet Hunger, which will reduce at the same rate as campaigns are improved. Meaning if a 3 hour campaign takes you 2h 57m 36s (score of P.Baal v20) your pets will be ready to feed at the same time, instead of having to wait until the 3 hour mark.

Beating P.Baal V10 in this challenge unlocks 24 hour campaigns.

Recommended Stats

Stats needed vary depending on if using ad points or lucky draws. Be able to do an NRC in less than 24 hours to get at least a decent score. Going for P. Baal v10 takes a bit more work, preferably having all UBC completed and 75m+ clones.


Push as much current power as you can. Don't worry about rebirth multis, as this challenge is all in one rebirth. Monuments like Mystic Garden and Everlasting Lighthouse (and upgrades) since Creating will be your main Attack stat (given you've done an RTI). If you've done all 1KBHC, Black holes might be your strongest monument if you have enough clones to put into the Black Hole+ Might.

Powersurge, pet multiplier camps, crystals, and some RTI leveling into Mystic/Creating. Train any beneficial Mights, including the Unleashes and Mystic Regen+.