Day No Divinity Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


While within this challenge, you can't spend any divinity on creations. To help with this, the creation of light up to plants will give additional creations if your creation speed is fast enough. The goal is to reach the highest god you can, all while building as many monuments as you can. Your last rebirth should also aim to create at least one of as many types of creation that you can manage as well.

This is a challenge like doing two rebirths in a row, resetting your multipliers to their starting values.

Unlock Condition



Works like two rebirths in a row, resetting your multipliers.

Much like an NDC, you can’t use divinity in this challenge.

The creation of light up to plants allows you to Overcap creating.

When starting this challenge, your 300% creation speed boost will be removed.


Your Creation Crystals will now grant extra CC, in addition to their usual flat bonus:

Creations will now require fewer prerequisite Creations while a Creation or Ultimate Crystal is equipped, up to 15%. This discount compounds, so e.g. manually creating Universes from Suns up will cost 39% less Divinity!

Grants up to 333 Challenge Points, based on highest score achieved:

Grants Statistic Multi, based on highest score achieved:


You receive points for:

  • Highest God killed in final Rebirth
  • Each Unique Creation created during the final Rebirth (They are not required on hand at the end of the challenge)
  • Monuments built in each Rebirth

Monument Points are calculated each Rebirth. The total from previous Rebirths can be seen by hovering over the "Currently in DNDC" text in the Rebirth tab.

Rebirths over 30 minutes gain a Time Multi, capped at 3 hours. This means even a casual DNDC using Might runs can still be efficient.

Recommended Stats

This challenge has a unique base reward, much like the DPC, but increasing that can take some serious CC (200+) and CS (5-10k). Base might and beefy pets will also help you get to a higher god.


  • This is an intensive and high micro challenge. Make sure you start it on a day where you can afford to take the time for it.
  • Because each monument is rooted separately you get more points by spreading creations between different monuments.
  • Because monument points are summed between rebirths while rooted within a rebirth, you get more points per monument the more rebirths you split your monuments between.
  • You overcap [light] to [plant] creations, which reduces the value of creation count (it is still necessary) and improves the value of creation speed. And makes it much easier to craft large amount of the lower tier monuments who require those creations.
  • You can boost your creation speed with Godly Liquid consumable item, [Quantum Genesis] (2nd spacedim from the top), and Creation Speed RTI.
  • The number of unique creations you make in the final rebirth is a substantial contributor to your score, as it is squared before multiplying with the other factors. Note that a village contributes as much to your score in the final rebirth as a universe, so do not forget to create one.


New and midgame players should use roughly the same strategy: during your first few rebirths, your goal should be to climb gods and make as many monuments as possible. Ideally you will get past ~Artemis for the creation soft count as you get a multiplier to your CC (See Note Below). Midgame players should aim for low P.Baals. Leave yourself 4-5 hours on your last rebirth and aim for a high god, as well as highest creation.

Since monument points scale with a sqrt() to double your points in a run you need 4 times the monuments, which requires more than 4 times the materials. Generally shorter rebirths are better, even down to 5-10 minutes with very high CC/CS, but with the time multi added in you can easily get a decent score just doing 1.5hr might runs. If this seems unpleasant, you will still get a reasonably high score if you treat it like a DBC and just try to climb as high as you can (remember to create one of each creation and many monuments in the final rebirth).

Monument upgrades currently give no score value, and should only be used to get to a higher god.


With only 30 CC and 1k CS you can reasonably get to a forest or village, create a couple hundred basic monuments and a few higher level ones, and get to Susano or Zeus which will net you a ~5% decrease to auto buy costs with a score of 100k. While you won’t get much bonus CC from your creation crystal, the decreased costs can be well worth it especially for a new player.

A Mid game player (100CC, 7k CS) with a nation creation, PB 2 and a good mix of monuments can get to a score of 25 million, this is an ~12% decrease to auto buys, and gives roughly 1+1x bonus CC (i.e.; creation crystal level 10 would normally give 10 CC, but gives 20 after the DNDC).

NOTE:  These numbers are not known specifically, but you appear to gain a +1x multiplier for each time you would re-surpass the BB mark(~3333 CS). This means you gain an additional multiplier for roughly every 1k base CS you have for Light and Stone, 2k CS for Soil and Air and 3k CS for Water and Plants. There is no multiplier beyond plants.

NOTE: You should turn offline progress off for this challenge for the best result depending on your schedule and strategy.


Endgame players should be able to easily cap the auto buy (15%) with a score of just over 1 billion, but can keep going in order to maximize the creating crystal bonus. An endgame player can easily get 3x CC from their creating crystal from DNDC. Endgame players should consider doing their DNDC as 30 minute or might runs and focusing on climbing/training RTI creating speed - it's possible to climb into the 50s-70s while creating a solar system or galaxy, which compensates for somewhat fewer monument points.