Day God Power Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


Get as much God Power as possible. This challenge finishes automatically after 24 hours, and only God Power earned in the final rebirth will count toward your score.

Unlock Condition

Complete all 25 GPCs.


Starting this challenge is like doing a double rebirth, resetting your multipliers to 1. This challenge will automatically end after 24 hours, and only the GP earned in your final rebirth contributes to your score.

During the challenge, Lucky Draws cannot be opened.

GP can be purchased from the premium shop, but doing so will remove your score from the Steam leaderboard. Growing Purchase cannot be bought in this challenge.

GP earned from Dungeons does not count, but GP from all other sources does.


Challenge Points: Highest score / 15 (maxed at 333, needing 4995 GP)

Statistics Multi: Highest score * 2500

Ultimate Beings (only v1, not v2 or v4) will give additional God Power when killed, with an increase of (0.03 * Log_1.04(high score) - 3). Some UBs only drop every couple times they are killed. This reward does not increase the chance of GP being dropped, but will instead increase the reward when it does drop. This scales with the Dyson Harvester SpaceDim element. Ex: with a final score of 2000 GP, all GP drops from UBs is increased by 2.8 GP.

GP final Rebirth UB GP increase
100 0.5
200 1.1
300 1.4
400 1.6
500 1.8
750 2.1
1000 2.3
1250 2.5
1500 2.6
2000 2.8
2550 3

Recommended Stats

Like most other Day challenges, this will likely be redone regularly for a higher score. You can do your first one as soon as it is unlocked, to earn you more passive God Power over time. One of the biggest contributing factors to this challenge is GP from the Tavern. God Power rewards from quests increases based on quest rank, so it might be worth it to refresh when you notice a jump in the GP rewards.


Be sure to remember all the possible sources of God Power. The only source that doesn't contribute to the total is the GP from Dungeons. You still have access to things like Tavern, Pet Campaigns, all Ultimate Beings (regular, v2, and v4), Black Holes and their upgrades, God Crystals, and of course the normal GP you get from killing gods.

Quests from Tavern refresh when you collect your daily Lucky Draw, so have one or two ready to collect while you're in the challenge to refresh your quest pool. This allows you to only run the quests that offer GP as a reward. (If you wait 24h+ after your daily draw is ready to collect, you can have a second one available to collect while you're in the challenge.)

Climb gods for the first 2 to 4 hours, and then settle in for the final rebirth. To optimize your climbing, build as many Black Holes as you can and do very quick rebirths (less than 15 mins if able) extending the time if you notice your multis aren't increasing as much. In the rebirth before your final rebirth, build as many Black Hole upgrades as you can earn GP from as this carries over to your total in the final rebirth. Once you are ready for your 20-22h long final rebirth, here's how you can prepare:

  • Put your best sticks on your strongest God Power camp pets, train them up for a few minutes with clones, and send them off.
  • Do as many GP-earning quests as you can. Break up your dungeon teams if needed, since dungeons don't contribute to this challenge.
  • Kill UBv2s with auto-kill (if available from UBV2C) to earn an extra 20GP
  • Kill as many UBv4s as you can
  • Black Holes - as many as you can to earn passive GP and to give you more power to kill Gods. More upgrades from Overflow Points helps.
  • God Crystal - build a few of the other important crystals to give you a boost in power, and then focus solely on leveling your God module. An Alchemist in RTI will help increase the GP income from this.
  • SpaceDim - Focus on Wormhole Network and Dyson Harvester, putting your clones on them at a ratio of around 75:25. After your first DGPC, Dyson Harvester might be stronger so the split will be closer to a 60:40 depending on how many Black Hole upgrades you have from Overflow Points and what your DGPC score was.
  • Kill as many gods as you can, putting your clones on things that will boost your overall power. Having PBC done will increase this income.