Double Rebirth Challenge

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This is the most basic challenge and similar to any ascension/rebirth/reset mechanic in most other idle games. You will rebirth twice, setting your multis back to 1.

The reward from this will provide a permanent boost to your power and should be one of the very first challenges you do. (Typical order is 1 DPC, 1 UBC, before going into DRC.


Double Rebirth Challenge (DRC) is the simplest and easiest challenge. It only requires the player to repeat the climb from Hyperion to Tyrant Overlord Baal with a rebirth multiplier reset to 0.

Unlock Condition

Defeat Tyrant Overlord Baal.




Challenge Points: 10
God Power Reward: 10
Statistics Multi: 500,000

For each DRC completed, whenever you unlock Might, you immediately gain two levels in all Might skills. These levels count towards your permanent total Might. You can gain up to 50 free levels this way.

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

None. This is the easiest challenge and great to do early on for any player.


  • This challenge can be easily completed from the moment it is available, as it has no special requirements or restrictions.
  • Banked GP and Crystal Power (CP) for higher stats helps speed up the challenge. As do high pet stats. (3k growth is good, higher is better.)
  • Early rebirths benefit greatly from creation count and creation speed increases, as creating scales strongly with both.
  • Later rebirths (once monuments and upgrades are unlocked) benefit a lot from build speed and clone cap, like P. Baal runs.
  • Eventually you will want 3334% creation speed or higher, to be able to black bar clones and early creations even with no rebirth multiplier.
  • Before starting a DRC, unless your multipliers are already low, do some quick rebirths to squeeze out some GP, since you will lose multis anyway.