Day Multiverse Challenge

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Get as many Multiverse levels combined as possible within 5 rebirths, within 24 hours.

Unlock Condition

Complete an Ultimate Multiverse Challenge.


This is like a normal rebirth.

You may rebirth as many times as you like, but only the 5 highest multiverse levels will count. The highest level counts twice.


Challenge points: Highest challenge score / 5 (maxed at 333).
Statistics multi: 2000 * Highest challenge score

Unlocks a Multiverse Booster in the Multiverse tab where you can boost your Multiverse with Shadow Clones and Divinity. More points in this challenge will boost the level speed of your clones.

Recommended Stats

Do this challenge after you've completed all of the Ultimate Multiverse Challenges. The Boost mechanic unlocked by completing this day challenge for the first time is very powerful, so even a low score will net you a decent power increase.


The number of Multiverses created across 5 rebirths is summed for the final score, with the Multiverses made in the final rebirth being doubled.

Do four rebirths (3 to 4 hours each), with one final longer rebirth to maximize on the doubled score.

Use godly liquids and chakra pills for the full 24 hours. Use v2 items if you have them, but especially use them in the final long rebirth. Make use of offline time or ad points to further boost CS.

In each rebirth, focus initially on divinity (DivGen, Divinity Campaigns). Buying some divinity with GP may help get you going. Use the divinity to speed up universe production (buying planets, earthlike planets and suns, and then letting creating speed + CC do their work on universes), and once universes are stockpiled a bit, move all clones to Multiverse production.

Spend spacedim time on boosting CS, CC, and CP, with a bit of time spent on BS at the beginning of the rebirths to help with Divinity production.