Crystal Power Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


Crystal Power Challenge is a freeform challenge where you collect Crystal Power across multiple rebirths. You need 100 + (20 * number of challenges completed).

Unlock Condition

Have at least 1000 Crystal Power.




Challenge Points: 10
Statistics Multi: 1,000,000

Crystal modules will need 2% fewer clones to produce crystals, 1% less creation cost, and will finish production 1% earlier per challenge completed (25 Max).

There are no limitations on the number of rebirths you can use in this challenge; the CP can be gathered over several rebirths. The challenge will end when you equip crystals that would push you over the limit needed if you were to rebirth. This means that a rebirth is not required to complete the challenge. A new CPC will then need to be started manually. The limit is increased by 20 for every challenge you have already completed, up to 580 CP for the last one.

The total amount of CP required to clear all 25 CPCs is 8500 (not including the 1000 required to unlock it).

Crystals 0 CPC 25 CPC
Regular crystals 10.000 clones

10 minutes

5.000 Clones

7:30 minutes

Ultimate crystal 30.000 clones

10 minutes

15.000 clones

7:30 minutes

God crystal 50.000 clones

10 minutes

25.000 clones

7:30 minutes

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

Level 5 planet. 500k - 1m clones. NRCs, PMCs, and Extra crystal slots are also a huge bonus.


As this is just a normal rebirth, it's all about killing UBs to gather energy and level up Crystal factory.

If you want to do short runs (that is, 3h10m runs), it's advised to do 4 PMC before, as it will allow you to get an extra level on one of the basic factories at the 3h mark.

It is also helpful to have the Improved Crystal Upgrade (300,000 pet stones or available in the Permanent purchases tab), Crystal Upgrade Boost (available for challenge points), maxed Crystal Slots (available from lucky draws, 250,000 pet stones, or the Permanent purchases tab), and completed NRCs to reduce UB spawn timers.

Rebirth as many times as necessary to get the required amount of CP.