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Challenges become available after defeating Tyrant Overlord Baal for the first time. Challenges are the main way to progress through the game. Each challenge can be completed multiple times, and some of them will increase/decrease in difficulty the more times you complete the challenge.

Challenges provide two kinds of rewards, base challenge rewards (God Power and special perks), and Challenge Points (CHP). All challenges provide challenge points, which can be spent on different upgrades. Completing a challenge set also provides 50% extra CHP, and may also provide an additional bonus depending on the challenge.

For a general guide of what challenge you should do, please refer to:

Types of Challenges[edit | edit source]

There are 5 types of challenges: Normal challenges, Multi reset challenges, Day challenges, GP reset challenges, and Unlimited challenges.

Normal Challenge: You rebirth normally and complete a particular goal. You keep your current multipliers.
Multi Reset Challenge: Your multipliers are reset to their starting values, and your goal is to kill Baal (or sometimes higher). Multi reset challenges sometimes have restrictions like barring the use of divinity.
GP Reset Challenge: You lose all your GP purchases (clones, build speed, creation count, etc). Your pets also usually do not provide any bonus to your multipliers (Not always the case). Your goal is usually to kill Baal or complete a specific task.
Day Challenge: These involve seeing how much you can achieve in 24 hours. Instead of doing these challenges a set number of times, you redo them whenever you think you can significantly improve your score compared to your previous attempt. Your highest score is kept, and rewards update when you get a new high score.
Unlimited Challenge: These challenges can be completed an unlimited amount of times for their rewards. You will normally be chaining these only after you have completed most other challenge sets.

List of Challenges[edit | edit source]

A good plan is to start with one UBC to unlock the crystal factory, followed by a DPC, then DRCs.

Normal Challenges[edit | edit source]

Reset Multi[edit | edit source]

GP Reset[edit | edit source]

Day Challenges[edit | edit source]

Note: Day Challenges are usually repeated every 6 months or so, for a better score.

Unlimited Challenges[edit | edit source]