Challenge Points

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Challenge Point (CHP) is a type of resource gained by completing challenges. They can be used to buy various bonuses.

Good early purchases are damage reduction vs UBs, pet xp overflow, auto half stats and crystal upgrade boost. A few levels in adventurer XP boost can also be helpful. After these purchases, the rest depends on your playstyle and what you feel would benefit you the most.

Challenge Point Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Name Description CHP Cost
Planet Level Bonus Buy extra Planet Levels (make Powersurge level up faster). 100 Each Planet Level
Divinity Gain Boost Increases the Divinity you gain from monsters and the Divinity Generator. 100 for 1% every Boost
Damage Reduction vs UBs UBs do less damage against you, so you need fewer clones to defeat them.

Make this your first purchase

50 for a one-time purchase of 25%
Crystal Upgrade Boost It will take fewer crystals to upgrade to the next level.

Make this either your 3rd or 4th purchase (split with AHS below).

200 for 1% Boost Each
Damage Boost vs UBV2s Increases the Damage you do against the UBv2. 100 for every 1% Boost
Crystal Power Boost The Crystal Power that you have is more effective. When maxed, it is as if you have 1.1x as much CP. 100 for every 1% (Seen on the God Power Page)
TBS Level Loss Decrease Keep more of your TBS levels between rebirths. 200 for every 1%
Pet Stone Drop Boost Increases Pet Stones gathered from Item Campaigns. 100 for every 1%
Adventurer XP Boost Gain more XP from your adventurers based on their class level. 100 for every 0.1% boost per class level
Dungeon Drop Boost Gain more items from dungeons 100 for every 1%
Dungeon XP Boost Gain more experience and class experience from dungeons. 100 for every 1%
Crafting Speed Boost Increase the crafting speed for blacksmiths and alchemists. 100 for every 1%
SpaceDim Boost Boosts the speed of levelling SpaceDim. 100 for every 1%
Max Challenge Dungeon Tries Increases the maximum attempts at the challenge dungeons. At 20 max tries, you get 4/day. At 30 max, you get 5/day. 50 for each Increase
UBV4 Fight Timer Reduces the fight timer for UBV4 500 for each minute
Tavern Quest Slot Buying this will increase the concurrent quests you can do in the pet village tavern by 1. 1000
Tavern Daily Quests Buying this will increase the number of new quests you get in the pet village tavern every day by 1. 200 for each 1
Auto Adjust Clones Automatically distribute 28 clones to physical and skills training and distribute 34 clones to monsters at the start of every rebirth.

This is a QoL purchase that can be refunded at any time in the settings tab.

Pet XP Overflow Pets can gain more than one level per clone killed during training. This speeds up stats gained from pets massively.

Make this your Second Purchase.

Stone Pet Unlocks the Stone Pet. See Pets for more info. 1000
Auto Half Stats While training pets, clone stats will auto-update. This improves pet training massively.

Make this either your 3rd or 4th purchase (split with Crystal Upgrade Boost above).

Extra Party Slot Increases the maximum number of dungeon party slots you have available. 1000
Second Party Slot Increases the maximum number of dungeon party slots you have available. 1500
Auto Refill items After a dungeon team finishes, all items used will be refilled automatically. This only works if you have the items in reserve.

Good for QoL

Keep Gem Level This removes the level loss for gems after they are removed from equipment. 500
Easier Rebirth Adds buttons for Feed all Pets, Max all Crystals, and Buy either Light Clones or Pet Food with Baal Points to the rebirth page. 500
Crystal Sacrifice Adds a button to the crystal page to sacrifice level 1 crystals for crystal power. This button can only be used once a day.

See Crystal Power for more info.
Generally not worth it until the end unless you do very long rebirths

Early Spacedim Spacedim will have all elements unlocked even if you didn't defeat the needed P.Baal yet. This does not work in GP Reset Challenge. (Must have defeated Pbaal 100+) 2000