Baby Carno

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Baby Carno Carno
Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
0 0 0 0
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
Pre-Evo: It has +50% in level campaigns, -300% in food campaigns, +50% in multiplier campaigns, -150% in item campaigns.

Post-Evo: It has +75% in level campaigns, +150% in multiplier campaigns, -250% in item campaigns.

Increases the damage done with single target attacks in dungeons by an extra 2% * class level if your class is an assassin.
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
Secret Total Growth 300000
Material 3000 Magic Ore
Other none
A very hungry baby dinosaur. It has a habit of breaking everything. Their species lives symbiotically with fire breathing lizards that hatch the Carno eggs, in order to gain protection from them. The fabric of Space - Time is so thin on their planet, that really powerful beings often tear it apart and attack!

Pre-Evo, it doesnt like growth campaigns and won't go in there. In food campaigns it eats half of found food (except chocolate) instantly. It only gains half growth from all food it eats. After evolving, it can be used in growth campaigns and will gain the normal amount of growth from feeding.

Carno does not receive growth from Growth Campaigns, and instead should be used in Food Campaigns to gain growth. Once Carno reaches 300k growth, he will no longer earn any more from Food Camps. After being evolved, he can be used in Growth Camps.

Notes about Food Campaign

  • Carno receives the normal amount of growth from Golden Dragon's special ability.
  • The growth Carno gains in food campaigns is increased by the bonuses from DPC, PGC, SpaceDim's Gene Splicing element, and Fishing.
  • The amount of food Carno eats while in food campaigns is exactly half, even if that means it eats a fraction of a certain food. Since the game tracks fractional amounts of food obtained in campaigns, the display will round up each food found.


1st Step

2nd Step

Token Improve

Carno can be improved after evolving by spending a Pet Token.

Doing so will give it an ability to deal additional "True Damage" of ((Attack + Speed) / 3 ) * ( ½ * ( 1 + ( CL / 50)). True Damage ignores enemy defense.

This is often useful early on in the battle, before knives can lower enemy defenses. The further you are into the fight, the less useful the True Damage becomes. Useful in clearing fights quicker, mitigating the damage your pets take.