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Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
13000 3000 4000 6000
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
+30% God Power campaign and -50% Item campaign Increases the drop rate for items in dungeons by an extra 0.9% * class level if your class is a rogue.

Unlock Criteria

Evolution Requirements

Pet Token Total Growth 40000
Material 2000 Bound Feather
Other Kill every D3 boss at least once with it in the team.


A useless cardboard box you suddenly found standing right next to you. Sometimes you hear small purring noises from it.

Special Ability

Cardboard Box has no special abilities until it evolves. Once evolved, it gains the ability to alter any event rewards with the exception of Treasure (Pet Stones or a Lucky Draw) and the Lava-Filled Corridor (extra rooms). It will, on a 50/50 chance, be either Good or Bad to either grant a bonus to the event reward, or steal part of it away.

"Good" results in a bonus of 110% to the event reward, and "Bad" results in a malus of 50% to the event reward. These can both be increased by gaining Class Levels, to a total of 145% and 85% respectively, reaching maximum at CL50. The table below shows the approximate % bonus/malus at each CL.

Good Multiplies the rewards from events by 1.1 + 0.007 CL (Capped at CL 50)

Bad Multiplies the rewards from events by 0.5 + 0.007 CL (Capped at CL 50).

The rewards from the Good form eventually outweigh the losses from the Bad form starting at CL 29, with an average bonus of 115% at CL 50. You shouldn't get Carboard Box until you can quickly level it to CL 29, otherwise the average of its bonus/malus will result in less-than-normal gains.

Note: Cardboard Box's bonus/malus will stack with Clam for any GP.

Class Level Bonus Malus Average
CL 1 111% 51% 81%
CL 10 117% 57% 87%
CL 20 124% 64% 94%
CL 30 131% 71% 101%
CL 40 138% 78% 108%
CL 50 145% 85% 115%