Clone Buildup Challenge

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You start off without your GP purchases (similar to an UBC) and have to build up your Clone count to 99,999.

Unlock Condition

Unlock Challenges


Like UBC this challenge resets your GP bonuses, unspent GP, CP, your rebirth multipliers and total Might bonus back to their starting values.

You can't buy/increase shadow Clones with GP purchases.

After succeeding, you will get everything other than your multipliers back.


Challenge Points: 20
Statistics Multi: 1.0 million

For every completion you'll get 20,000 more max clones (effectively 50 GP), 30 chocolates, and 2 free "ghost" levels in all Might skills whenever Might is unlocked in a rebirth. Ghost might be maxed at CBC 25 (Can gain 10 more ghost might from UCC).

Unlike the free Might levels from a DRC these aren't "real" levels. They increase the effects of the Might skills themselves but do not add to your permanent total Might or increase the level up time of Might skills. Also, unlike DRC, these levels are available to you in UBC and PGC.

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

Completed DRC’s and Improved Next At For Challenges (regular INA does not work) make this challenge a breeze. Pet XP overflow from challenge points as well as some beefy pets over 5k growth is also a big plus.

Having pets like FSM, Nightmare, Clam and/or Cardboard will greatly benefit your GP gain from campaigns and dungeons. Wind Pet equipment will increase your CS, and having 10%+ from equipment can give a decent boost for this challenge.


This Challenge focuses solely on creating and killing off clones. Try to avoid actually sitting at the clone soft cap by assigning clones to fight monsters that are too strong for them and letting the game automatically replenish them as they die.

BUT this will reduce the total amounts of clones you have which can be extremely bad and even take away clones from your Training tab. So, consider switching off the "Add clones if defeated" toggle in the Monster tab if you are worried about that happening.

If you have hit the clone soft cap, then you can have your clones fight in the planet tab to quickly hit zero. These deaths still count towards your next rebirth's soft cap increase at no loss. best to do this before rebirthing.

Have as much Pet Growth as possible before starting as well as Pet Exp Overflow, as it will speed up killing Gods, which will give you GP to spend on Creation Speed. DRCs will help each time you unlock Might. Having at least one dungeon team will help GP income, two is ideal. Scrapyard and Water temple events provide supplementary GP.

Your main source of GP will come from the God Power campaign and from dungeons. The events in Scrapyard D1, Water Temple D1, Volcano D2, and Mountain D3 give GP. Mountain D3 might be too difficult depending on when you do this challenge, but having both D1 events and the Volcano D2 event will give you a good source of GP. As for the God Power campaign, having both FSM and Nightmare, along with other pets with good camp bonuses, will give you good amounts of GP on that front.

In the early rebirths, don't worry too much about increasing your clone cap, your goal is to work towards the clone BB speed. Spend all your GP on creation speed until 345% and you hit the CS soft cap at 1.6e42 creation. After this, just kill/create clones until the challenge is done. This should take you 4-6 rebirths and your target god is roughly Nyx-Jupiter depending how far your creation is behind other stats. If you are a fairly new player, it may take upwards of ten rebirths to get to this soft cap.

If you end up with more than 70 GP for the 345% CS, save towards 1 CC. you can also use Potions to double or quadruple your total CS meaning that if you are planning on using potions, you only need to spend 20 GP on CS and can spend the other 50 on 1CC. Regardless of how you reach the clone BB soft cap, once you have reached it, you have no more reason to make other creations, and relying on simple replacements for dead clones will invariably add several hours to the total time. If you are planning on leaving the house or sleeping while waiting for this challenge to finish, this is especially important as your stats will continue to grow and your ability to kill (and thus create) clones may result in little or no progress towards the 99,999 cap.

With no CC, this challenge has a low-cap time of ~8.5 hours (the time it would take to kill and/or create 20 million clones). More realistically it should take you a day to a day and a half through growing your stats and collecting enough GP, the last 8-10 hours of which are just waiting for clones to be created and die again. If you have the ability to get more GP through pet camps, ad points, $$, or artificial rebirthing and are able to purchase 1 or 2 CC, you can cut this time significantly, higher end players have reported challenge times as low as 10 hours.