From Idling To Rule The Gods
Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
4701 1456 1567 1678
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
Increases bonus to all campaigns by sqrt(stones^1.00001 - stones) * 2 % Increases the bonus for all campaigns by an extra 0.67% * class level if your class is an adventurer.
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
Use a Pet Token Total Growth 17500
Material 875 Nevermelting Ice
Other have 1 million pet stones available
A beach ball you had fun with playing at the beach. You decided to adopt it as your pet. Improves the campaign bonuses depending on how much pet stones you have available.

Special Ability

The campaign bonus increases the more pet stones you have either on hand or given to Beachball.

Pressing the "Give" button makes you give 100,000 pet stones to Beachball. Given pet stones are deposited and cannot be returned, but still contribute to Beachball's campaign bonus. This function just prevents you from spending too many pet stones and making the campaign bonus unintendedly low.

# of pet stone Bonus for campaigns
100,000 +6.78%
200,000 +9.88%
500,000 +16.20%
1,000,000 +23.50%
2,000,000 +34.07%
5,000,000 +55.54%
10,000,000 +80.29%
20,000,000 +115.97%
30,000,000 +143.74%
40,000,000 +167.36%
50,000,000 +188.30%
56,043,655 +200% (MAX)