From Idling To Rule The Gods
Young Basilisk Ancient Basilisk
Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
45000 15000 15000 15000
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
Secret Total Growth 0
Material 0 Special Wood
Other Uses an AoE attack that reduces Elements of all enemies if Basilisk is a Mage
A basilisk found in an egg in an ancient ruins. It's quite young and seems to have room to grow. The basilisk seems to be searching for something or someone. The only clue you have is a note in the room saying 'Destroy and Create.'

Basilisk acts as if it has a 1.5% specialist bonus for RTI(∞) Tab when evolved as a Mage.

Special Ability

Basilisk is unable to attack normally. Instead, Basilisk uses an AoE damage-over-time ability and all enemies will take (50% + 0.5% * Class Level) damage per turn. This damage continues every turn even if Basilisk dies, as long as the attack was used once at the start of the battle. More importantly, Basilisk also deals (150% + 1.5% * Class Level) damage to all enemies at the start of the room and reduces their elements by 10%. For the rest of the room, all enemies in the room lose 0.8% element per turn, stacking multiplicatively with T4 Knives. Elemental reduction from this attack is independent of the T4 Knife elemental reduction limit.

AoE damage does not work against reflect enemies.

The elemental reduction is multiplicative with the reduction with knives. Meaning that at turn 50 it will be a reduction of close to a reduction 75% of enemy element if they are reduced to 50% by knives and 49.2% due to the pet.

Basilisk will always deal 6 damage to the Cosmic Gnome enemy in the Depth 4 Forest dungeon.

In most situations, Basilisk will not be able to solo-clear a dungeon room. It is more effective against large groups of enemies, but will often need a second damage-focused pet to help clear out tougher fights. For this reason, Basilisk is a good secondary DPS to include on a team. And due to its effectiveness against Cosmic Gnomes, it makes a good addition to your lategame Forest team.


Basilisk requires a somewhat lengthy process to unlock and evolve. Here on the wiki, we will regularly update with a new hint/step every week on Fridays until completed.

1st Step

Create Anything, but it will always be Destroyed by a Black Hole.

2nd Step

"Reach the infinite end to receive the answer you seek."

3rd Step

"The creature is one capable of destruction of unparalleled proportion. Should the need for it to be awakened, note my following instructions."

4th Step

"Challenge yourself to reach infinity"

5th Step

"Some people will give Anything to get assistance"

6th Step

"If you manage to find me... I will assist you..."