1K Clones Black Hole Challenge

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Black hole challenges are too easy? Do it with one thousand clones! You must defeat Tyrant Overlord Baal and create a 1/1 Black Hole with only 1000 clones.

Unlock Condition

Finish 1 1KC. Have 100k BS.


You only have 1k clones to finish a BHC. You cannot open Lucky Draws. No GP or ad point divinity purchases. Ultimate Beings do not invade.


Challenge Points: 35
Statistics Multi: 5,000,000

The first one unlocks a new Might training “Black Hole+” which increases the multipliers of Black Holes by (0.01%) * (Level) * (# of 1KBHC completed). Each challenge finished also adds a 5% chance to double the passive GP gain from black holes. With all BHCs and 1KBHCs completed as well as 40 black holes built, this amounts to 6 GP/hr

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

While the unlock condition is 100k BS, top players are recommending over 200-300k BS to complete it in a reasonable amount of time; even with 100k BS and both types of chakra pills, building 1 Black Hole takes more than 24 hours.

NDCs as well as the Highest God Ever over PB50 are also highly recommended to increase the base stats of your div gen.

Starting the challenge with the ability to quickly reach P. Baal v40 and v55 for the respective spacedim elements will help speed up the challenge.


Since this challenge does not take away your multipliers, defeating Tyrant Overlord Baal should be very easy.

Be sure to equip as much BS boosting pet equipment (Earth gear) as possible. Having good RTI perm levels for BS will benefit you as well. While the reward from UfCC can help, it is unlikely you will do enough for them to be beneficial before you do this challenge. If you are able to maintain a high P. Baal, or have purchased Early SpaceDim, the v40 and v55 SpaceDim elements will increase your BS (directly, and through CP).

Completing 1 of these with bare minimum stats is generally recommended just to unlock the might training. However, for challenges beyond the first, extra stats are always a plus.

This challenge is very similar to a BHC, with many fewer clones. Since you won’t be able to kill UBs, you will need to rely on pets (div camps) and a fairly big Divinity Generator.

There are two basic steps:

  1. Acquire enough divinity to build 5 Galaxies and 4 Universes (assuming all BHCs are done, which they should be).
  2. Move all clones to build the Black Hole and its upgrade.

For the first step, the majority of your clones (those not on training/fights) should be building up the divinity generator, one step at a time. You probably won't get it much higher than 7 or 8 points in each of Divinity gain and Converting speed. You won't be able to put worker clones on it, and you won't want to waste time building Capacity, so you'll have to keep clicking Add2 every few minutes. This is the most active part of the challenge for that reason.

Use your pets in divinity camps while working on the div gen.

When divinity is high enough, build the Galaxies and Universes (or just the first 5 galaxies for the Black Hole first, and then get the remaining 18 galaxies needed after another Div campaign to save time.) You will save a bunch of divinity if you manually build the appropriate number of Planets, Earthlike planets and Suns first, and let the game use those to build the Solar Systems and beyond.

  • With all BHCs done, you can set Creating Next Ats to: 3847 Planet, 38 Earthlike Planet, 382 Sun, 71 Solar System, 23 Galaxy, and 4 Universe. 18 of the Galaxies will be consumed to make the Universes, leaving 5 Galaxies for the Black Hole.

For step 2, use all clones (take the other 90 off of training/fights as well) to build the Black Hole and its upgrade. Use Chakra pills and Chakra pill V2s if you have them.